An introduction to Akasakula

What is Akasakula?

Akasakula was formed in 2004 by Akasacitta, who at that time was a GFR mitra at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre (part of the Triratna Buddhist Community), and who aspired to create a way for women who had asked for ordination to come together to meditate, practice, study, reflect and discuss their going for refuge. It was a creative response to seeing that there was a gap needing to be filled for mitras who were undertaking mitra study or had completed their mitra study, and who were working towards their ordination.

'Akasa' comes from the Sanskrit, meaning 'cosmic space', 'boundless space', or 'air' (the fifth of the five elements). 'Kula' means 'group' or 'family', and the name 'Akasakula' reflects Akasacitta's vision for creating a space for the diversity of women mitras in Sheffield to come together.

Who leads Akasakula events?

Akasakula is for GFR mitras, run by GFR mitras. Anyone who has already attended an Akasakula event may like to consider facilitating a day. If you are interested, please email the team to let us know.

Who can come to Akasakula events?

Akasakula events are open to all GFR women in Sheffield, and we also welcome women from the Nottingham and Leeds sanghas who may not have an opportunity to practice together in this way.


Events take place four times a year on a Sunday at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre, which operates on a dana economy - please consider making an donation in the dana bowls.

We have a new website!

We plan to publicise our events on our website together with details of any reading material which may be required before an event. The website is an ideal forum to bring together Akasakula information and to provide helpful links and downloads. It will grow over time and we hope you will benefit from what we have to offer here.

The Planning Team

Our planning team consists of women GFR mitras who meet four times a year to plan, discuss and act upon issues arising.

We liase with the Buddhist Centre regarding available dates in advance, consider options for themes and activities, invite women to facilitate a day, and circulate information to GFR women, kindly assisted by the Buddhist Centre office team who forward our communications to you via their up-to-date email circulation list.

We try to ensure that everything that is needed on the day is available and we offer support to the facilitator in whatever ways we can, to help make the day go smoothly.

We are keen to emphasise the fact that we do not 'put on events' for GFR women, but act as a team who help facilitate women who would like to lead a day. Neither do we have a 'team leader' - we all contribute and take on tasks equally.

Email us: As well as a new website, we now have our own Akasakula email address! You are welcome to contact the and any questions or queries you have will be passed to the team, which may result in a short delay in you hearing back from us.

Telephone us: Alternatively you are welcome to ring Irene Hardy on 01246 419943 or Alex Carr-Malcolm on 0114 220 2739.